Tara Marshall is a Certified Private Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Certified Health & Intuitive Holistic Life Coach, and Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. She provides a holistic approach to healing, wellness and empowerment for her clients. 

As was expected of her, Tara completed studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County, American University and Georgetown University Law Center, believing that she would pursue the traditional path to “success” as defined in our modern Western society.  However, as life took its twists and turns, Tara ended up walking away from a legal career and turning to yoga and reiki and an expanded spirituality as tools to help her move through a challenging period in her life.  It was during this time that she determined that pursuing one’s purpose is the only point of this life experience and she left her traditional pursuits to study at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, obtaining Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II and Reiki Master/Teacher, and YTT 200 Yoga Instructor training.  During this time, she also became experienced in incorporating sound healing, intuitive readings, guided meditation, visualization, emotional freedom techniques, and thai bodywork in her healing practice.

Always seeking to improve the depth of her knowledge, in order to bring a superior healing and transformation experience to her clients through their modality of choice, Tara is also currently a Ph.D. candidate in Holistic Life Counseling. Though the term, "healer" is often bandied about, it is Tara's vision that through Healing Spaces Wellness, she simply serves as a guide for her clients. You, the client, discover and utilize those spaces within your true Self where you can find physical healing, mental clarity and overall well-being.

Welcome to my soul work ... my divine purpose ... and yours ...


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