TARA MARSHALL is the owner of Healing Spaces Wellness, a local business in suburban Maryland providing reiki healing & instruction, spiritual wellness coaching, and yoga, crystal and sound healing workshops. As a yoga/meditation instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, divine feminine empowerment advocate, and Intuitive Life Coach, Tara has devoted her life to helping others delve deep into their innermost selves to learn that the power to heal themselves rests within. A student of metaphysics since 2012, Tara first studied the ancient healing technique of Reiki at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, learning how to incorporate ancient healing techniques in the modern Western world. Since then, Tara continued to build on her healing toolkit, studying with other masters and deepening her healing knowledge in Hana (ancient Hawaiian shamanic) healing, Kundalini Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Karuna ReikiTM, Holy Fire Reiki, Sacred Soul AlignmentTM and Akashic Record healing. Though the term, "healer" is often bandied about, it is Tara's vision that through Healing Spaces Wellness, she simply serves as a guide for her clients. You, the client, discover and utilize those spaces within your true Self where you can find physical healing, mental clarity and overall well-being.

Services Just for Women

Empowering other women to tap into their divine feminine power is a passion of hers and led her to create yoni consciousness workshops and the wildly popular *Self-Care*Soul-Care*TM Healing & Empowerment retreat.  A local day retreat and workshop, *Self-Care*Soul-Care*TM provides a sacred space for women to experience and learn powerful tools for caring for their souls, as the most integral part of their self care. Featuring activities ranging from sound healing, yoga, meditation, reiki, journaling and soul portrait painting sessions to belly-dancing, yoni egg workshops and waistbeading, this retreat provides an opportunity for women to learn how to manage their energy, feed their souls, connect with their higher self and spiritual guides, hold space for themselves to be nurtured in their daily lives and emerge with practical steps and personalized *Self-Care*Soul-Care*TM plans. Tara also hosts small intimate yoni consciousness workshops for women both privately for mom’s groups, sister circles, etc. as well as at her location in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Trainings & Certifications

Having trained and certified over 100 energy healing practitioners in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas, Tara provides close mentorship for all of her students, guiding them as they expand their awareness and integration of universal Reiki energy and incorporate it into their lives and personal practices. As Tara's own practice includes sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy and guided meditations/visualizations, in her expanded trainings, she shares many of these modalities with her Reiki students to assist them in creating and expanding their own practice. Tara supports her students by providing referrals, opportunities for practice at monthly reiki circles and various events, and even locations from which to establish their own practice seeing clients. Empowering other healers is a passion and privilege. Through her certification programs, Tara offers training in Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki (all levels), Kundalini Reiki (all levels), Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki (all levels) and Crystal Healing.


With her background in meditation and a myriad of healing modalities, Tara speaks to corporate and private groups, teaching spiritual development and mindfulness as tools of eliminating stress, gaining deeper clarity and meaning in all aspects of life. Tara also provides online masterclasses and 1:1 private spiritual coaching to spiritual seekers from all walks of life, called to greater impact in the world.

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