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Signature Services

Receive personalized one-on-one healing and support toward your personal development and emotional and spiritual healing and transformation, through:
* monthly 60 minute 1:1 healing sessions (a complimentary integrative approach, combining several energy healing modalities, including Reiki, and includes services such as past life healing, Akashic Record healing, sound crystal healing, etc.)
* bi-weekly 30 minute 1:1 follow-up and accountability spiritual wellness sessions (includes intuitive readings)
* 25% off all paid masterclasses and workshops on a wide range of spiritual and personal growth topics
* 25% off all (local) Healing Spaces Wellness retreats and events
* 10% off all Reiki trainings
* powerful community of support for your energetic, emotional and spiritual growth and healing 

This year-long masterclass immersion, which will provide you with access to intensive teaching around the same caliber of transformational spiritual topics you are used to. You will receive a whole month to process, implement and integrate what you learnt, and a safe space support, with people who have actually taken part in the masterclass with you. Each month, there will be a 3-hour Master Class with healing, activations, teaching and "hot-seat" spiritual wellness coaching.

The entire program includes:

* Year-long immersion - TWELVE monthly 3-hour LIVE masterclasses for spiritual and practical support for 2018
* Small group of only 30 {Once filled, a waitlist may be opened}
* Private online group (JUST for Master Class Immersion members)
* Weekly Q&A sessions in private group (always pre-scheduled so you can plan)
* V.I.P. Option including Monthly 90-minute 1:1 sessions
* Intuitive readings
* Soul partners (i.e. more than accountability ... true soul-level support)

Are you ready to develop your intuitive gifts, access Reiki energy for personal healing or as part of a holistic practice? 
Healing Spaces Wellness' Reiki Training Workshop Series, led by Reiki Master/Teacher Tara Marshall, will take you through the various levels of Reiki attunements, as well as provide mentorship and training in complementary healing modalities. Whether your goal is to simply learn Reiki to use as part of your self-care and for your family's care, or whether you are ready to shift into a calling to do this work as part of a private practice, this series is for you. You may take whichever level workshops align with your personal goals for learning Reiki.

Client Testimonials

Gina-circle"This was my first reiki experience, so aside from some Google research and meeting reiki masters previously, I didn't know what to expect. Tara was kind, personable and fostered a relaxing environment where I could be open. In the following days, Tara checked in on me to see how I felt and what I noticed. Taking her advice and keeping a journal bedside (along with lots of water) helped tremendously. I look forward to the next session!"

- Gina

Natasha-circle"My session with Tara was great, she made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Her services brought validation and clarity to a few things that I was be constipating for some time now. I am thankful for her services and hope that she continues on her path. Will be doing a follow up session really soon. Thanks."


Vitaliya- circle"I loved working with Tara, she gave few yoga classes to me and my fiancé, she is very knowledgeable and made us very comfortable and relaxed. She brought all the props with her so we did not need to have anything other than yoga mats. I would definitely recommend Tara as a yoga instructor."


"I had been feeling unsettled and low for a few days prior to having my healing session with Tara. During our session, I experienced being in a peaceful place and found her voice and technique really soothing. I felt safe. After our session, I experienced lots of flow, clarity, and ease in my personal life and business that I hadn't experienced ever. I felt unstoppable and am so thankful for this experience that I get to tap into whenever I choose to as she also provided me a recording of our healing session. Tara is a great healer and one who really knows how to hold space for people. I'd recommend her healing session to anyone who is feeling unsettled, confused, and low like I did. I'll definitely be getting other sessions from her." ~ Nadjeda

"I had no idea just how powerful this ... would be !" I went in with an open mind not knowing what to expect, and can honestly say I couldn't have imagined the results ! Tara's words were divine and absolute, the activities were thought provoking and helped not only with reflection of self, but provided much release and clarity. Working through tears, fears and personal beliefs, by the end of the class I felt more confident, and equipped to take the next steps into my divine purpose." ~ Ishanna 

"I started working with Tara 11 months ago to balance my masculine/feminine energy & to clear blocks that were holding me back.
It's been a truly transcendental & magical experience. Our work together has empowered me to:
* embody my Warrior Goddess nature while releasing toxic & conformity based presentations of myself
* shed feelings and actions that no longer served me
* end relationships with 2 DOZEN clients that were draining the life out of me
* create entirely new offering that served as a bridge for me working with the RIGHT people and allows me to share my gifts more fully
* confront my greatest fears and triggers for healing and transmutation
* increase my income/revenue in my business
* amplify and trust my intuition more fully
* manifest a soulful, Twinflame relationship after 3 years of being single & celibate
* shift beliefs and a mindset that was holding me back
* gain confidence in my body, sexuality and sensuality" 

~ Torrie

I have had the pleasure of having Tara as my teacher for Reiki Level II and Advanced Reiki Training/ Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Training. I have also benefitted from private Sacred Soul Alignment sessions with her as well as participating in a couple of her workshops and masterclasses. Tara is an extremely passionate and gifted healer and teacher and I highly recommend working with her.

I’ve been getting healing work and taking master classes from Tara for six months now. Tara is a master space holder, and spiritual activator. She’s very connected to Source and delivers exactly what I need when it comes to energy work or sound bathing or consciousness healing based on emotional/physical/ spiritual issues, even those that haven’t even surfaced yet. Her sound bathing transports you to a whole other realm. Leaving you relaxed, balanced and energized. She is a force of unconditional love and provides such a safe space for you to evolve. She has a very nurturing nature and exudes a very calm and loving energy. She is a wonderful teacher and guide through the world of spiritually and helps you navigate it not from a place of fear and discomfort, but on your level she meets you and then helps you ascend to where Spirit says you need to go. Her packages are packed with magic and you walk away feeling so good and supported. I love her master classes as they are not just informative but healing and activated experiences. She uses several modalities to ensure you get as much as you need during the process. I do not hesitate to take anything she’s offering. Neither should you.

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