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Signature Services

As a Intuitive Holistic Life Coach, Tara provides one-on-one coaching for women looking to heal old hurts, re-set their thinking, and tap into their power. 

Holistically address your particular concerns with specialized instruction and therapy from a certified yoga instructor.

Reiki Energy Clearing sessions, performed by a Reiki Master, include sound healing, intuitive readings, crystal works, guided meditation, visualization, providing a holistic, powerful and transformative experience. 

Client Testimonials

"At the end of my session with Tara, I felt a deep level of relaxation, both physical and emotional, that lasted and deepened throughout the week. Tara is truly compassionate and you feel the energy shift during the treatment. I literally felt lighter on my feet walking out. I look forward to my next appointment!"

- Lina

Gina-circle"This was my first reiki experience, so aside from some Google research and meeting reiki masters previously, I didn't know what to expect. Tara was kind, personable and fostered a relaxing environment where I could be open. In the following days, Tara checked in on me to see how I felt and what I noticed. Taking her advice and keeping a journal bedside (along with lots of water) helped tremendously. I look forward to the next session!"

- Gina

Natasha-circle"My session with Tara was great, she made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Her services brought validation and clarity to a few things that I was be constipating for some time now. I am thankful for her services and hope that she continues on her path. Will be doing a follow up session really soon. Thanks."


tiffany- circle"Tara is everything I hoped for and need during this pregnancy. She is really knowledgeable and her yoga sequences are exactly what my body needs... challenging but not too challenging on my fatigued body. She listens to what your problems or concerns are and makes the workout right for the client. She also can assess skill level well. She's prompt, friendly, and her music is also soothing."


Vitaliya- circle"I loved working with Tara, she gave few yoga classes to me and my fiancé, she is very knowledgeable and made us very comfortable and relaxed. She brought all the props with her so we did not need to have anything other than yoga mats. I would definitely recommend Tara as a yoga instructor."


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